Estonian democracy needs a renewal.

There’s something wrong with our democracy. This feeling has been lurking inside the souls of many Estonian citizens. This feeling has been expressed in a variety of ways. There have been small reforms. There have been big protests. But the feeling has remained.

Let’s approach that feeling with the eyes of an engineer. Which problems have caused this feeling. Which solutions have been offered. Why they have not worked. Which opportunities and resources exist uniquely in Estonia. Which reforms could be realistically achieved. Let’s map all this. Let’s analyze all this. Let’s invent a new structure.

Estonia has a unique e-opportunity.

Estonian digital ID could enable every Estonian to vote on every important question from anywhere in the world. But we don’t need to change our system of government in order to achieve this. There is no need to change the law. All we need to do is to create a new kind of political party.

EDDP’s elected representatives will vote on every bill exactly as the people wish.

Our elected representatives will be the voice and the finger of the people. In every vote we will represent the will of the majority as determined by a vote on our website.

We will analyze upcoming bills. We will ask experts for their opinion. We will discuss important bills and issues with the people. On social media and elsewhere. We will let the people govern themselves and we will be the people’s best partner in self-governance.

EDDP will be the eternal party of protest.

We will be the party of maximum populism. Whatever the majority of the people want, they can count on us to represent them. EDDP will take votes away from malicious populists and we will channel the impulse of populism into constructive self-governance using tools of the social media age. Through EDDP the voice and the will of the people will have a seat on Toompea hill. Every single day.

EDDP will not join the coalition nor the opposition. We will remain the independent servants of the people.

Not only voting.

We will collect the best ideas of the people. We will discuss these ideas with the people. We will turn these ideas into concrete proposals. We will let the people vote on these proposals. And when the majority of the people support a proposal, we will put it up for vote in the parliament with a clear message: the people demand it!

The holy site of democracy.

EDDP’s website will be visited regularily by everyone interested in Estonian politics. This will be their only way to vote for or against any bill in a way that actually has a chance of affecting the outcome and changing the future of Estonia.

Govern your homeland from your pocket.

In the future every Estonian citizen will have in their pocket a smartphone with EDDP’s app. An Estonian can be anywhere, even in a forest picking mushrooms, but a few hours before each parliamentary vote her phone will notify her that it’s time to choose. She will be able to read different analyses of the upcoming bill, she will be able to read the opinions of experts, and she will be able to decide her homeland’s future from anywhere in the world.

EDDP is the party of Freedom and Responsibility.

It is the party of the social media age. EDDP is only possible in Estonia and it will make Estonia a shining beacon of democracy known all over the world. We will be the envy of other people and nations. EDDP is true e-governance for the people and by the people. Our homeland, our lives, our futures, our shared responsibility and our freedom to decide our own destiny.

Always staying in touch with the citizenry.

Other parties spend most of their money on advertising right before the elections. We will spend our money on staying in touch with the citizens of Estonia and listening to their needs and wants all the time. Such loyalty to the people will create a strong and true bond, which no ideology can compete with.

History rhymes.

The invention of the printing press brought with it a massive spreading of information and knowledge. This explosion in the amount of information available to the people transformed the worldview of the people and created a need for a new, more democratic form of governance. The US and French revolutions created and cemented this new form of governance as the universal norm.

The invention of the internet brought with it an information explosion, which is at least as great as the one that came with the printing press. The press and mass media made information available from around the world, but in addition to that the internet allows us to communicate directly with anyone on planet Earth. Such a huge change in the amount of information and knowledge available to us is again transforming our worldview and again we feel the need for an even more democratic form of governance.

The more information we have,
the more we see the flaws in the current system.

The more we see the weaknesses and faults of our politicians, the more we want to have a say in how our homeland is governed. We see the flaws in the system and we yearn to be the masters of our own fate.

Estonian Direct Democracy Party will allow us to govern our own fates and our shared interests in an honorable and just way. It will grant our people an extraordinary level of independence, toughness, and flexibility — the likes of which have never before been seen in the history of humanity. EDDP will be the backbone of Estonian political life, because it will be the only party, which aims to offer objective analysis and clarity for the good of the Estonian people.

Because it will be the people that make the ultimate decision.

Vox populi, vox futuris.